Boko Haram ambushed and killed Amy Officers.

The Nigerian Army has confirmed that another top commander has been killed in an ambush by members Boko Haram terrorists – The top commander who initially survived the attack was pronounced dead in the hospital. This death is the third in a series of lieutenant colonels who have lost their lives in the war against insurgency in the last one-two months
Major General Lucky Irabor, the commander of the Nigerian Army in the north east, in a press statement released on Wednesday, November 23, confirmed the death of BU Umar, while another lieutenant identified as Muktar, was confirmed dead during the ambush by the insurgents. According to Mr. Irabor, “On 15 Nov 16 at about 0930hrs own troops while on patrol to MUBI encountered an IED explosion along Bitta – Pirang road and thereafter were ambushed by the Boko Haram.

He further stressed that “troops successfully cleared the ambush after a fight and unfortunately the Commanding Officer, Lt Col BU Umar lost his life on the spot. Subsequently, Lt Muktar also died in the hospital where 8 others soldiers who are wounded in action were receiving treatment. The wounded soldiers have been responding to treatment. “In all the operations, a total of 5,235 people were rescued from the BHT,” he said. While explaining the reason for the recent successes recorded by the insurgents, the Army commander said: “The impact of recent bombings in Maiduguri, though sad and unfortunate, was minimal due to the alertness of troops and other security agencies.

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